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Shrinit’s Motivational article gets published on ‘The BeSpoke Diaries’ web platforms adding him to their inspiring young achievers & diarist list!

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On the 5th of January 2023, Shrinit’s article on ‘Life Motivation’ was added to ‘The BeSpoke Diaries’ website & social media handles under ‘Lesson Learned’ column. This makes Shrinit added as a diarist & contributor to the esteemed platform, making him one of the youngest achievers from the writing & publishing industry of India to…

GEHRAIYAAN – Is it deep enough to take a dip?

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A promising Valentine weekend OTT film, expected to be classy, a mature take on the modern urban relationships, mid-life crises dealer & healer, intellectual cinema types, that’s what it looks to you, right? GETTING DEEP… So let’s take a deep dive into this so-called fancy title ‘Gehraiyaan’. Mind you, they literally have tidal wave shots…