That Unique Power

THAT UNIQUE POWER – A Magical Conversation with the Almighty



Book Synopsis:

Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve.

Fate depends on our karma. Everyone is responsible for his or her destiny!

Everything is written already.

That’s your destiny!!

Which one amongst the quote is true in today’s time? So do you believe in Karma or a scripted Destiny? Do you believe God has already written your life story and you are a mere puppet? Don’t you feel he is unfair in doing so many a times when you are not served what you deserved? Does God even exist in today’s world?

Well, Parth Kothari had similar questions in his mind like you do before he had this life-changing encounter with God…

Parth, an agnostic, a 25-year-old ordinary middle-class boy living in a metro city had problems in the three most common aspects of life which we all struggle for namely Love, Career and Money. But the script of this ordinary boy’s life was not that ordinary. It twisted when he had an encounter with God and he explained to Parth the concepts of Karma, Destiny, Maya, happiness and evolution of religions in the world with interesting fables of different humans and examples of famous personalities like Gautama Buddha, King Ashoka and likes. However, Parth is stuck at one point and in order to explain it, God prefers to give him a live experience this time. So he is given a unique power!

Unveil the mystery of a godly power given to Parth which changed his perceptions towards life and God forever. A power which introduces him to three diverse personalities and their stories. Will Parth help Ishika Kapoor, a Love Wanderer; Agastya Mazumdar, a Naïve Aspirant and Vithaldas Atre, a Benevolent Desirer with their problems?

And what if I tell you each one of us have this power to change our lives for better? That unique power which only humans possess and not God. Read the book till the climax to know your secret power, my dear Human friend!

Table of Contents:

1. INTRODUCTION – My Story so far

2. THE LIFE CHANGER – | The Bhagavad Gita |



The universe & planet earth

Why humans??

Being spiritual!

Lust, greed and anger – The three pillars of Maya

Need v/s Greed

All about Religions – The real Dharma of Mankind

True love…

The race of life – Money, career and competition

The sufferings of the righteous

The great karma philosophy

The triumph of evil

Charity and expiation of sins

Is everything written?

Happiness in today’s world

Does God need humans?

Why does God decide our fate?


6. MY 3 IDIOTS!!!

Ishika Kapoor – The Love Wanderer

Agastya Mazumdar – The Naïve Aspirant

Vithaldas Atre – The Benevolent Desirer


Life Quotes from the book:

Quotes to remember from the Divine Journey – by Lord Krishna

No person is ordinary

You are a loser only when you accept your defeat and stop trying.

Ideal energy is a sign of negativity and destruction.

Remember, if you hurt someone, some other person will hurt you back in future.

Dharma doesn’t mean the religions which you follow but truth and peace in this universe.

God is one; humans have divided him!

Maya is what makes you realise the difference between happiness and internal peace.

True love is that which makes you a better person.

Remember an evil man might eat well but only a righteous man sleeps well.

Charity of food will satiate your hunger once but the charity of knowledge will do it forever.

You are simply served what you deserve.

It is not written how you will act but what reward or penalty is levied is pre-decided for your choice of action.

The problem is you don’t value what you have and want what all you don’t.

Quotes to remember from the Divine Journey – by Parth

There is a difference between being good at something and interested in doing it.

You exist for a reason!

Indeed a beautiful person from inside doesn’t need to show off his or her beauty to the world by using makeup or expensive outfits.

Money changes the people who are with you and also those who are against you.

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