Madgaon Express – In between of Dil Chahta Hai & Delhi Belly?


After a long time…

After a long time, a Hindi movie grabbed my interest from its trailer to watch in a theatre… Could be an underdog, a laugh riot or an absolutely absurd world of a disaster film which turns out to be unbearable with no big stars, has happened to us as audiences in the past, right?

Yet I being the optimistic supporter of Bollywood & still believing that they don’t make only business projects but entertaining cinema sometimes took this chance. It’s my first love in movies and can’t help but go back to it despite watching most on OTT post covid, yes all the super hyped ones to name in 2024.

The trailer and the expectations

But Madgaon Express had something promising to give a chance, it looked quirky, fast-paced, weird but funny & promising having Divyendu & Pratik Gandhi in the cast with Nora Fatehi, already absurd as a combination, isn’t it? Wait till you find out the credits say ‘Written & Directed by Kunal Khemu’!

And then this movie starts with common three guy friends and comedy which we have witnessed many times (Dil Chahta Hai, ZNMD, Go Goa Gone, Delhi Belly et all). What you enjoy is the fast pace for the obvious plots while nicely tasting what you know but is fun & stomach-aching by the end. The failed travel plan by the stupid one in the gang, the discomfort for the other friend, each having their life stories and motives to meet up and a Goa trip. But at every step, every joke is so well thought out and cracks you up to the best.

Content is the King, does it apply anymore?

The screenplay keeps introducing more & more tangles which you don’t expect so soon. The boys get stuck not just from one random problem to another but to new characters connected somehow and each time they do something, they make a new enemy for themselves.

It’s witty of the screenplay & the writer to connect each dot so well & hilarious to watch how the Goa trip goes so wrong for them from the start when Divyendu asks, “Background music nahi baj raha, hum Goa aaye hai, films mein toh aisa hi tha”. A surprise for the audience gives him background music starting the madness. The background music, the art direction, and the songs all are good and perfectly add up to the entertainment of the storyline.

The Real heroes of the film

The supporting cast here actually means a lot, Mendonsa bhai (Animal fame Maharashtrian man – remember Made in India?) & his gang, Kanchan Kombdi and her gang are as important for this film as the trio. Each character is so well cast with Pratik Gandhi as the Gujarati momma’s boy, Nora Fatehi and the gangsters whom you want should resolve their differences which almost happens at the climax.

What’s new for you!

The Kombdi gang is something never seen before and the action sequences neither. Here’s a script so well crafted with such madness in the dialogues and presentation that Kunal Khemu doesn’t look like a debutant director. Some brilliant observations of the aam public ki life in Maharashtra that you can relate to as you’ve seen it in real life. Something as repetitive as justifying cross-dressing of the leads in a comedy so well thanks to the good writing. Many surprises in the plot which I can’t reveal to give you spoilers but Pratik Gandhi’s finest performance for the guy he turns with cocaine, you’ll want to see him more.

I see no negatives to point with all the entertainment the film gives you from a debut directorial so would say be positive. This movie will be one rare for 2024 to be critically acclaimed as well as loved by the masses, go watch it!

Verdict – 4 on 5***

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