LOVENESIA – Some Love Stories are Unforgettable



Book Synopsis:

Love is inevitable… especially when you have ‘Lovenesia’

I woke up on a hospital bed critically injured. What? How? I had no clue. But what disturbed me more was the fact that I couldn’t find her… Aditi Khandelwal, my extremely adoring girlfriend. It had been a fortnight, yet she hadn’t contacted me. When I eventually found her on a busy road, she just passed by despite seeing me! I was left completely baffled by her indifference.
Forthwith, I found out that Aditi has moved on & has no desire to rekindle our love while I… I was surviving on those sweet memories of our lovely relationship which commenced two years back.
Fortuitously, we both are invited to a mutual friend’s wedding, a lavish destination wedding which shall be an eight-day affair. Will she come? Is it the universe’s plan for us or am I expecting too much from a mere coincidence? Will I ever be able to get that hopeless romantic Aditi back in my life?
Find it out with me and also…

– What all had happened between us in the past which I am unaware of.

– How a legendary folktale resembles our story, proving itself to be relevant even in today’s time.

– How some beautiful songs are played around me, often hinting a twist in my tale!

By the way, my name is Karthik Kulkarni. I am a simple middle-class guy, an aspiring Radio Jockey while Aditi is a… you’ll find out soon.
Unveil our startling tale which has some unconventional dates, a love confession in front of the whole city, a ‘semi live-in’ relationship and a love-fearing broken heart. Oh, and I forgot to mention, there’s an unexpected revelation waiting at the climax my dear reader!

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Table of Contents:

  1. Who’s that Girl?
  2. Getting to know each other!
  3. Aditi’s Puzzled Past
  4. The Days of our Growing Affinity!
  5. The ‘Ex’ factor of My Past
  6. Rendezvous with her Family
  7. A Close One Going Far Away
  8. Is this Love?
  9. The Best Days of my Life!
  10. Caught in a Time Warp… like literally!
  11. The Secret of our Separation…
  12. My Destiny at a Destination Wedding!


Love Quotes from the Book:

You don’t get as close to someone by sharing the laughs as much as you do when you share their tears.
There is always a soft person who couldn’t fight for his survival, living deep inside the rebel we meet.
The wounds on your soul heal but indeed the scars that happen remain forever.
The body becomes just a transparent glass when you start recognizing the soul…
There could be ample reasons to say a ‘No’ but when it’s a ‘Yes’, only one reason is enough, Love…
Love comes suddenly at a time when it is not at all necessary and becomes the most important necessity of life.
Love is beautiful in any form and gives the utmost level of happiness possible to a person while can also be the reason for immense pain many a time.
Life didn’t begin with you, but I wish it ends with you.
I want some more of you and give you the whole of me in return.
Romance could be in every part of life when you have a partner who truly loves you.
The best love relationship is when you are doing nothing special yet it’s special because it’s with the right person.
Dreams are never written on a piece of paper; however, mine were completely burnt into ashes.
We should not see who was wrong in a relationship, all we need to figure out is what went wrong and correct it.
We prefer to quit as trying to continue is hard, we don’t want a little pain and want all the fun in life, yes we are humans with great flaws.
Life is so weird… when you have something you run behind something else, strive for it, work hard, compromise and suffer, and finally, when you get it, the same thing has no great value in your eyes and you run behind a third new thing.
Love is not wrong, it’s the people you love who are wrong & that’s when it hurts.
Songs can do wonders where conversations fail.
People don’t live with each other because they forget everything; they do because they forgive each other so they can live together again.
Just making yourself heartless doesn’t hurt others as much as it harrows your own self.
That distance creates a desire to get even closer.
There is no ‘he did something, so he is not the one’ kind of logic in love or ‘he is perfect in everything, so he is the one’ formula.
Love shall stay forever, in her heart as hatred and in my heart as grief.
Love never follows any rules; if love had a rationale, it would never be love.  

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