The ‘SUPPORT THEM, NOT THEM’ idea… ‘HOW’ is the golden question!


How are you supporting? By bullying someone on social media? Will that help?

The moment they announce another film you will decide to watch it… Because on release it will be trending and everyone would have seen it & also liked it as per the PR activities online so you won’t wish to be felt left out! So, we go with the majority thinking ‘sab log kar rahe hai toh mujhe bhi yeh karna chahiye’, the attitude which has ruined a lot for this country especially the online space.

Some people not only watch a bad film but also share fake praises of a particular actor’s performance & his or her struggle stories (lies spread by their marketing team) without understanding the monetary impact on the films released that weekend…

We all feel for a good film that flops & hate seeing bad films becoming blockbusters & undeserving people becoming powerful but who is to be blamed for this?
Those two old ‘Bachelors of Bollywood’ who may not have a family but have become Godfathers of many undeserving kids?
Or those star kids who feel they know ‘struggle‘…

What if I say there is someone else who supports them the most?

If you watch the trailer of a certain banner’s film having a certain artist who you feel doesn’t deserve it, then by contributing to the million views on YouTube which fetches them money, you already support them!

If you go to a theatre to watch their films as a festival holiday outing or since the paid PR made the shitty film trending & you contribute to make them join the ever misleading ‘100-crore club’, then you already support them!

If you watch them on OTT platforms through online streaming no matter what, their interviews, talk shows or web series having even one of them, then you already support them!

More followers, more likes on their posts & pictures on various social media handles is also a base of stardom these days & confirms audience acceptance, if you follow them, then you already support them!

A producer shall keep casting some people till he is minting money from it & till we make a pool of funds for them as an audience, we already support them!

The sad reality is that we gave the producers the power to be the kingmaker cause we watch whatever they show, we follow whoever they call talented. We never chose content, we chose stars… we never chose talent, we chose big names!

Support the right talent & you shall witness a change, not immediately but eventually, not completely but substantially!

Next time if you find a ‘Judwaa 2’ or ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo’ entering the 200-crore club or a ‘Baaghi’ series becoming a hit, or a shitty remake song video having a million views online then blame the audience, cause they made the undeserving powerful enough to rule the industry…


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