HELLO CHARLIE – Monkeying around literally!


The maiden feeling on watching this one is, “Was I watching a 2005 Hindi film written with the sole purpose to encash on some light comedy leaving logic aside?”
“It’s 2021, right?”
Film title appears and I notice, “And the production banner is Excel Entertainment… Really?”

Excel entertainment sold Amazon this? And they bought it??
The covid lockdown has really taught people to compromise on everything.

The problem!

So after ages, I saw a film which made an attempt to simply encash on some silly comedy, gorilla comedy to be precise. A gorilla who throws bananas at people, who shakes his bum to entertain and is always angry…
Sounds like a new idea? No?
Sounds interesting? No?
So why would someone watch it? The makers should have thought!

It clearly looks like an old script that did not get developed 15 years back and is sold now.

The principal characters

We have a dumbass hero, yes he’s stupid, bhola, bewakoof… so much that the gorilla can offer him help to fix a punctured tyre and he is amazed by his talent, the gorilla can abuse in English language and yet it doesn’t hint him that it can be a human inside. Charlie is that bhola guy in today’s time who is supposedly portrayed as a nice cute man (remember Raj Kapoor saab in all his films, here’s probably a reference point, even a circus song to remind you about the star kid & his relation to the family.)

We also have a jerk Mr Makwana who reminds us of Vijay Mallya in every possible way. Same personality, same scam and trying to flee away. But the illogical surprise is that the police and authorities really want to catch him, unlike the reality. So he has to wear a gorilla suit (his young & hot girlfriend’s idea, not any manager or PA’s, and he agrees to it, duh!). Mr Makwana can’t even arrange a truck or a vehicle for himself and she hires Charlie (a dumb novice who knows nothing, not even how to change punctured tyres.)

Oh the cliches…

He has to reach a jetty to run away from India & for that a 12-hour road trip… a trip so cliched that all that you can predict happens. Tyre puncture, running out of diesel, Makwana (the gorilla) pushing the truck comedy, Charlie having no money to pay at the petrol pump (advance lena bhool gaya for the job because he is bhola), a forest ranger (Rajpal Yadav barely adding to the comedy) following them, etc.

Bored already? They even have an item number and guess where… in a circus! Told you, 2005 wali commercial films ka feel, no logic, just masala. Rest all is equally lame, a veterinary doctor acting stupid for humour, a cop suddenly who is bribed by Makwana (toh gorilla kyu bana, he could have bribed before) and much more. The worse being blatantly copying some comedy sequences at the climax from the cult Andaz Apna Apna (Yeh gunaah hai!). And yes, they have a typical hand fight comic climax of all the characters under one roof which you saw in at least a hundred films till date.

The positives

The only positive in this gorilla-chaap comedy is the performances of a few. Aadar Jain does impress, he can act, he can dance too…only problem, he is completely a sasta Ranbir Kapoor (Looks like him, voice is similar, acts like him). He will remind you of Ranbir from Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani throughout. Jackie Shroff is the show-stealer, had it been someone else, I wonder if I would have even watched this till the climax! And yes there are sequences and punches where you can laugh a bit, besides you’re gonna watch it at home so no harm. Just a time killer if you like silly comedy films, the so-called ‘no brainer’ cinema which we stopped accepting ten years back.

Watch at your own risk 🙂
Verdict – 2 out of 5

P.S. No technical aspects were covered in this review, wasn’t required either, its all average 😉

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