DREAM GIRL – This ‘guy’ named Pooja is hilarious!


The trailer itself was appealing (though most of them are deceptive these days) and I booked the tickets without reading any reviews or seeing any recommendations from people cause one thing it seemed to promise was ‘Entertainment’. Probably after Simmba this was one film that did this from its trailers unlike those ‘so-called biopics’ and ‘based on true event’ films that lie to its audience and make them emotional to mint money these days. Films are for entertainment and if you can’t give that, you try to sell it with the lead actor’s good performance (though a boring film), his real-life struggle shared online for filming it (made viral by the PR agents) or a sensitive social issue (as if the audience does anything about it after watching those films!).

But Dream Girl is that one film in 2019 that confidently sells an out-and-out comedy (the director’s forte coming from the television background) with a light-hearted story & a message kept short though justifying its protagonist’s act pretty well.

The USP!

The premise itself is fun as you see the hero talking in a girl’s voice on phone with desperate lonely aashiqs. This could have been irritating or felt unreal but kudos to the team for making it gullible and rather fun to watch every time.
Ayushmaan Khurana has started enjoying the superstar status and it is justified as the man takes this film to a different level of entertainment. He is the ‘Aamir Khan of the younger generation’ for choosing the right scripts which many upcoming stars fail to do by falling for big banners or taking up films that give them a challenging role yet bores the audience by its weak script. He knows that this is different and this is what the audiences shall like to watch. Hats off to his effortless performance!

Relevant Performances

The support lent by Anu Kapoor, Vijay Raaz, Raj Bhansali (The crazy Gujjar) & Manjot Singh with their respective characters add the flavour which Pooja alone could not have achieved. Nushrat Bharucha does her job well although her role doesn’t give her much scope being the typical hero’s love interest in the film.

Direction and Writing

The director Raaj Shaandilya along with co-writer Nirmaan D. Singh has done a commendable job in taking the concept of Angel Priya to another level with this film, highlighting all the possible candidates who fall for it (including a pseudo-feminist woman & the protagonist’s own father).
The story builds up consistently to a higher point till the climax. The situations are hilarious and dialogues are super which are the soul of any comedy film. You will love each time a new person loves Pooja and to what extent they go to get her.

Other aspects

The music is another necessity of an entertainer and this one has its good numbers. ‘Dil Ka telephone’ & ‘Radhe Radhe’ are already famous and add value to the already entertaining film. ‘Ik Mulaqaat’ is a surprise number which you would slowly start liking.
Another noteworthy aspect is the art direction which is generally ignored by the audiences in such a film. The film doesn’t give much scope for having grand beautiful sets but I loved the work of the Art Director Nilesh Chaudhari. The sets of the call centre, the Thakur house and the protagonist’s house which turns from blue to green (can’t give spoilers) are all so realistic and crucial to make the scenes look believable yet the grand beautiful stage with different layers made for the song ‘Radhe Radhe’ in the same film proves the team’s talent.

The Piddling Negatives

Yes, the film has some logic flaw especially the scene where Ayushmaan manipulates Anu Kapoor’s character to not marry Pooja by meeting him and the next minute encourages him to go for it. You shall think why he does that as it cancels out his own effort.
Nushrat getting convinced as to why he worked as Pooja was quite easy without freaking out at all at him (very understanding girlfriend I must say!)
Also, the focus went towards the comedy only as Ayushmaan just does as his boss says based on one blackmail & tries to prevent those who already love Pooja continuing his job which may create more lovers. The boss doesn’t even use the contract which Ayushmaan signed without reading.

The Verdict!

But these flaws do not really bother you as you keep laughing and enjoying the miseries of Pooja and how he/she tackles the problems one after the other. This is a Paisa Vasool film you might not want to miss. Totally recommended!

Rating – 3.5 of 5

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