Shrinit’s Motivational article gets published on ‘The BeSpoke Diaries’ web platforms adding him to their inspiring young achievers & diarist list!


On the 5th of January 2023, Shrinit’s article on ‘Life Motivation’ was added to ‘The BeSpoke Diaries’ website & social media handles under ‘Lesson Learned’ column. This makes Shrinit added as a diarist & contributor to the esteemed platform, making him one of the youngest achievers from the writing & publishing industry of India to be on this list.

The BeSpoke Diaries is a platform that inspires those who aspire big in life. Their diarist includes achievers from various domains like young entrepreneurs, movie & sports personalities, CEO & co-founders, famous artists & creators, educators, book authors & TEDx speakers from around the world. Shrinit’s article gets a platform to reach & motivate readers globally, also showcasing the writing talent of India.

The article speaks about finding the key to success in life from a toddler, which makes it intriguing & having a fresh perception towards parenting as well. Teaching toddlers is common, but learning from a toddler on how to live & succeed is something unique & noteworthy. Read on the article to find out how this inspired us all!

Alternatively, you may also listen to the article on ‘The BeSpoke Diaries’ Instagram handle from the link below.

You can also check on Shrinit’s professional bio through an interesting video presented by the team.

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