The Jungle Book 3D – Nostalgia at its best!


For the 90’s kid it has to be a delight to watch jungle book. The song remade by Vishal bharadwaj is in itself a hit for all.
The movie storywise is almost same as the cartoon film release but the 3d effect is pretty good.
Purposely checked for the Hindi dubbed as it has famous star voices and was ok with the experience though. Irfan khan as Baloo is a delight and surprising with Punjabi accent so nicely done. Priyanka chopra as Ka and Nana Patekar as Sher Khan are just upto the mark having high expectations from them. Om Puri as Bagheera has been pretty calm and composed as needed for the character.
The good part is there is no change in the storyline for the stars. It goes as per the characters.
A one time watch though not the best but good enough for reliving the experience.
Verdict : 3* on 5

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