FAN – Overexposure doesn’t help


It’s all about SRK… That could be enough to explain this flick but let’s do some detailing.
So the movie starts on a high note, u know the basic plot because of the promos. A die hard fan (SRK) and his superstar (SRK again) are the central characters. A vfx added SRK looks impressive but beyond a point you get bored to see the two versions of him.
Needless to say SRK acted well as both the characters. Even Aryan Khanna can be said is just how SRK would be in real life. Both characters are portrayed and defined well by the maker Maneesh sharma. You can understand the craziness of the die hard fan but the evilness goes a bit too far and illogical at times.
The direction is ok but many sequences like chase scenes could have been avoided (and the song ‘jabra fan’ could have been added). The movie has its highs and lows. Certain things like no law and order to catch the criminal fan and his capability to reach out places and act to destroy the star makes it illogical for the 2nd half.
Overall this Srk vs Srk movie is all about Srk and too much of it is not convincing to watch in a theatre.

Verdict : 2* on 5

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