Ki and Ka – Somewhat impressive…


Ki and Ka selling the funda Ladki and Ladka are no different even if they switch roles.
Balki has been one of the gems for Bollywood because he exactly gives novelty with every script for which other filmmakers struggle. He has a quirky idea to attract audiences to watch his movies atleast once be it Cheeni kum, PA or Shamitabh.
However major problem with his movies is it stretches the same concept till the end making the 2nd half a bit boring and so does happen in this one.
Movie starts with a fresh idea , novel concept to keep u engaged of what happens next. Things go well but off late u feel a bit repetition of scenes which makes the movie just above average till the end.
The movie has excellent performances by kareena kapoor, arjun kapoor and others which is expected from a R Balki movie. Strong and smart characters wierd in their own ways but witty at the same time to impress u.
Music is good with ji huzoori nahi , most wanted munda and foolishq being good songs.
The direction , cinematography and editing are all in place and Mr. Bachchan’s cameo (expected one) is fun to watch as usual. Movie could have been better if the 2nd half too had something unexpected to keep audiences engaged but nevertheless a one time watch 🙂
Verdict : 3* on 5

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