Airlift – Goosebumps seeing the flag!!!

Akhsay kumar has grown with every film not only as actor but also as a producer with Hari om bhatia productions giving sensible and entertaining movies one after another.
The movie is based on a real incident and depicted very nicely. The charactization is just perfect be it the central character, negative ones or supporting. Also direction and editing is pretty upto the mark for this one.
The message and the feel of the story is just bang on. The pace is ok and story unfolds in a proper flow showing how one man can make a difference.
The performances are pretty good be it akshay Kumar the show stealer kr even nimrit kaur , kumud mishra and others.
The difficult part is to show Kuwait and give a feel of an India movie which not everyone has been successful in be it khuda gawah or deewar by vipul shah. But this movie comes to be an absolute Bollywood feel movie.
The music is pretty good with dil cheez tuje dedi, soch na sake and tu bhoola jisse being good numbers.
The movie ends on a very high note wherein the last 1 hour is the best part which makes it a sure shot watch this year.
The first superhit of 2016 and well deserved.
Verdict : 3 and half *

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