BAJIRAO MASTAANI – A period ‘Melodrama’


This one is a complete SLB typical flick having its grandeur, power pack performances, heavy filmy dialogues and a somewhat depressing climax.
The grand scale is mesmerising and the way maratha empire is portrayed is commendable. Bhansali sure has a vision to make a period film which did not look shabby or boring which several filmmakers would fail in. This time it looks real and not fake sets like Saawariya did.
The movie in the 1st half is very much on track having a parallel storyline blend of love story and bajirao peshwa’s wit and bravery as a warrior on conquering India against moghuls. But turns out to be typical Bhansali love story by the climax ending on a depressing note.Dialogues are surely a USP of the film apart from Ranveer Singh. Music is only good for 2 songs ‘Deewani Mastaani’ and ‘Malhari’. Others do not add up value unlike Ramleela.
Talking about the performances Ranveer Singh is indeed the new superstar of bollywood having a long way to go. His body language, his accent, his dance and his screen presence is the best part of the film. Deepika does what is expected from her, can’t call it her best performance. Priyanka chopra evolves as an actor very well in the role of Kashi Bai. She gives a vision as to how Kashi Bai would have actually been.
Overall the movie is just a one-time watch for its grandeur and power pack performances.
Verdict – 3 on 5 ***

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