HATE STORY 3 – Watch it only when you have nothing to do !!


The Vikram Bhatt franchise maintains its unrequired skin show in songs and the various twists in the storyline which make it the hate story it is. With revenge as motive and suspense which keeps you engrossed somewhat, the movie becomes just Ok avoiding the acting performances.
Direction is ok and is a typical bollywood Masala with predictable dialogues which could have been better and songs with good music and pathetic lyrics.
Major weakness is the actors. None have acted greatly and struggle to match up to the strong script. This movie could have been way better if casting was taken care of. Sharman Joshi struggles and other 3 are hopeless who spoil the interest in the movie.
The 1st half is sheer boredom with Daisy Shah and her bad acting. Movie takes a toll in the 2nd half only and keeps it interesting in bits and piece with the unveiling suspense and dissappoints with some illogical sequences.
Overall its a decent script with bad performances making it watchable only ‘At Home’…
Verdict – 2 on 5 **

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