Shrinit honoured as a Judge at ‘Thakur Institute of Management Studies & Research’ (TIMSR), Mumbai for B-School Black book Submission Viva examinations!


Bestselling Author Shrinit Badiyani was invited to be a part of the Judging panel for the B-School Black book Submission Viva hosted by ‘Thakur Institute of Management Studies & Research’ (TIMSR) & ‘Thakur Global Business School’ (TGBS), Mumbai on the 8th of October, 2022.
The event was held by the Finance department of the TGBS, with aspiring MBA students giving their final test to level up to their post graduation diplomas & enter the corporate world.

It was an interesting examination having the blend of submitting a project as well as oral test (viva) with spontaneous questions to be answered. The projects had analysis of the domain of work the young minds are interested in working in the near future. It also gave details of different students discussing their first internships in corporates, ranging from India’s premier banks to share broking firms and consultancies too.

Shrinit not only enjoyed examining a range of topics in the finance domain, like mutual funds, derivatives, cash flow management, etc. but also was patient in listening to the students’ queries relating to their career plans & mentored them with his knowledge & experience, helping them to reach their dream job & busting the myths of many.

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