KAABIL – A one time watch!

Kaabil is somewhat Kaabil-e-tareef for some inspiring moments but not throughout. The movie has an average storyline which goes exactly as per the theatrical. There are hardly any surprising moments and the next move is quite predictable till the end. Also, it has a bit slow pace and quite simplistic sequences for a movie to be released in today’s time.
Apart from that, the movie has too many plus points and empathising characters of Hrithik and Yami. The two as a couple are adorable and the cuteness of two visually impaired smart and nice people is very well picturized. The songs are melodious and with no silly lyrics or catchy words. The title track, Kuch din, Saara Zamaana and Mon Amour are fun and add value to the entertainment quotient. The dance in Mon Amour is worth watching with two amazing dancers struggling to coordinate owing to their incapability to see and yet enjoying it. Kudos to the choreographer along with Hrithik & Yami for doing this tough dance with so much conviction and making it believable.
Also, the movie somewhere makes an attempt to break the myths about visually impaired people which Bollywood has created over the years in viewers minds. the characters are independent and quite willfully accept their inabilities yet finding ways to manage very positively, unlike other movies where audiences are probed to sympathise with the poor blind characters.
About the performances, one of the best by Hrithik as well as Yami. Ronit Roy meets up the expectations totally with his dialects of a Maharashtrian politician. Hrithik is one watchable person in every frame and adds value to the film.
The first half is cute yet slow and you wait for the next thing to happen at times. However, the movie manages to engage the audience in the second part with the revenge which makes it worth watching once. Director Sanjay Gupta makes a fairly okay attempt after Jazbaa and at least maintains logic unlike many movies in today’s time. Overall it was good but could have been much better with the novelty of the idea which was unexplored and some more twist and turns in the plot…
If you are a Hrithik Fan or if you find the trailers appealing you won’t be disappointed.
Verdict- 2.5 on 5

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