DEAR ZINDAGI – A soft heart-touching onetime watch!


We have a superstar, a good heroine and a strong script… So we need not shoot in London or New York or any exotic locations, Mumbai and Goa are just fine!

The movie is a feel-good film and also an inspirational one for those who have emotional problems in life with solutions for all. We have the perfect characterisation of Alia as the confused commitment-phobic girl of today’s time and SRK as the matured and quick-witted psychologist who is professional yet emotional, a couple of Alia’s friends who are fun to watch and stereotypical Indian parents who have performed just satisfactorily. A couple of cameos as well which fit in well with the storyline. The film goes on a slow pace throughout which is weak point of the film especially until you see SRK entering. Also, the music is avoidable apart from one or two good numbers. In addition to it, a few product promotions like eBay and Gionee stretched to emphasize.

Despite the slow pace, the story is engaging and presentation is pretty good to watch. The highlight is the conversations of Alia and SRK (therapy sessions as they called it) which could have been the weakest if not written and directed well. Gauri Shinde has done a good job to present them so well with some simple and not so filmy yet amazing dialogues to SRK which makes you wanting to see more of such sequences till the end. For the performances, Alia meets the expectation and SRK is the star of the film playing this difficult and not so starry character with so much ease and charm, he has yet another commendable and unexpected performance after ChakDe India and Don. The thoughts about life and explanations of how simple life can be (like the example of buying a chair or expressing love and happiness) are expressed with clarity and conviction.

Indeed this one is a one-time watch for all, especially for the emotional ones.

Verdict – 3 on 5

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