TEVAR – Disastrous attitude

  TEVAR (2015) – A poor attempt to relaunch Arjun Kapoor by Papa
The trend of Bollywood of Fathers trying to launch or relaunch their kids has been since ages & apart from a few examples like Hrithik –Rakesh Roshan or Raj Kapoor – Rishi Kapoor others have failed big time. Still this flick shows a recent example to prove it again. The same old masala drama movie where there is south style action, A self-proclaimed hero, a damsel in distress heroine & a powerful and corrupt villain who falls in love with the heroine.
Well clearly the movie is a flop attempt of Boney Kapoor to help Arjun Kapoor for his career graph which is falling with the similar kind of roles he does. Wonder why Sonakshi always does such roles where she is just the heroine and not the actress. Just for songs & to have a plot of hero-villain fight we need this heroine. Manoj Bajpai trying to enter such commercial cinema & fails to save the movie even after being potentially such a good actor. The movie has a song dedicated to Salman Khan & a couple of few more boring ones which complete a useless album with poor lyrics.
The direction is ok and supporting cast does their job fine. Manoj Bajpai has given his 100% but the plot itself is boring and making such a movie in 2015 and expecting it to work is foolishness in itself. Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi seriously need acting lessons with increasing competition. Sonakshi should also focus on her increasing weight because she doesn’t look like a young delicate girl who is so much troubled and scared of villains.
Overall nothing to watch in this flick. A big release in the beginning of the year and so is a Big flop this year. It is an avoidable one.


Verdict – 1.5* of 5

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