DIL DHADAKNE DO – Slow heartbeats…

DIL DHADAKNE DO – A flop remake of ZNMD
The movie portrays the life of High society diplomatic people who do not live their life to the fullest hence the title. But this movie has so many characters & character introductions some being useless to the script that the 1st half seems too dull to indulge in the story.
So here is a Cruise celebrating wedding anniversary instead of a bachelor trip of ZNMD & a dog giving life philosophy with Aamir Khan’s voice-over as a replacement for Farhan Akhtar’s poetry in the former.
Actors like Anil Kapoor & Ranveer Singh are an asset (the two lovable characters), priyanka chopra and shefali shah have done a good job on their part whilst others like Anushka Sharma, Rahul Bose, Farhan Akhtar have very less to do for the movie. Farhan Akhtar has very less screen presence while Anushka Sharma has done a role which any of the contemporaries could do. There are some rib tickling moments to be precise in the last 50 mins in this 2 hrs 50 mins long movie but fails to cover up for the monotonous and slow 1st half.
The music is a very weak point as the songs are neither required nor they entertain. Also, choreography in the songs (especially one which shows Anushka as a professional but doesn’t look like one as she struggles to dance with Priyanka) is another minus to the already existing drawbacks.
You would be only happy to see the last part of this flick if you have the patience to enjoy it. Instead of Ranveer-Anushka chemistry its Ranveer-Priyanka’s bonding as siblings which is one plus point to this movie. Overall it can be watched at home in leisure time than going to a theatre.
Verdict – 2 * on 5

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