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  • Are you tired of fake reviews written by some reviewers in newspapers for Bollywood movies who are paid for increasing stars? 
  • Is your gut about a film being suppressed by that extreme hype created online about the greatness of a below-average film so you finally get tempted to watch it?
  • Don’t you think it is more of a story or synopsis written than the review of how the movie is & whether it’s watchable? 
  • Do you often feel after watching a movie that you wasted your precious time & money relying on those misleading (mostly paid) reviews you read? 

I’ve faced the same at times & so decided to get an end to this. Here is a blog which is not paid for reviews. I present to you genuine & easy to interpret reviews of Bollywood movie releases so you can decide if you wish to watch a particular movie in a theatre near you or even at home on TV.

So if you want to know whether the latest release is a Box Office success because of efficient Marketing or is it actually a worth-watching movie just scroll below! Feel free to drop-in your feedback of my reviews if you find it helpful and you can also share it if you like it.

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