Main Aur CHARLES – A complete disappointment


Although a low budget movie, but the strong & complex character of Charles Sobhraj & his life journey was expected to be portrayed more deeply. There was a lot more to cover which is not shown thus making the movie neither an absolute biopic of the bikini killer nor an entertaining conman story.
The director Praawal Raman fails big time to make the movie crisp and clear in its views or storytelling making it one of his worst attempts till date. Neither the plot has a grip nor editing is in line to keep u engaged from the beginning itself. Repetitive scenes and unnecessary skin show leads to boredom. Nothing great as far as music or dialogues are concerned either. The 1st half is a waste of the screentime, the movie unfolds to some sense only in the latter one. Several parts or character of Sobhraj’s criminal life are not highlighted and the slow pace of the movie makes it worse.
As far as performances are concerned Adil Hussain and Richa Chaddha (having major roles)  are too bad to play their bit. Randeep hooda tries to work on his character with his accent and look resembling to sobhraj but only looks okay as compared to other actors atleast. Overall its an avoidable one this week. The makers have thugged you like the criminal if you go for this one 😉
Verdict : 1 on 5 *

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