SHAMITABH – A good journey with a bad destination!

SHAMITABH (2015) – A very different movie with a ruining end turning it something from a commercial to an art film. However, the film proved us that only Amitabh can do this, Dhanush is an actor & a star while Akshara is none.
The movie has a pretty good grip, somewhere relatable to Bollywood as an industry especially the contemporary situations. Balki’s direction & Amitabh’s acting has always been good and remains in this one too. Amitabh is the only actor who can do this with so much ease which becomes acceptable for the audience. He can sing, act and now does dubbing full-fledged for Dhanush which looks so natural despite recognizing the voice so well since more than 30 years by the audiences. So has Dhanush done it as a mute aspiring to be an actor which is again a tough role to portray. Akshara Hassan seems to be too immature to enter the industry yet and debut with such great performers leads to a disappointing performance to see.
The biggest drawback in this movie is the tragic climax which was not needed. The movie could have been closed on a better twist which disappoints you and you think why did they ruin the script. Watch it only for the performances of our Shamitabh pair.


Verdict – 2.5* on 5

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