Badlapur – Really real cinema!


BADLAPUR (2015) – Revenge in a new style….

This is one controversial movie with mixed response all side. The movie intentionally says not to Miss the beginning which the director has maintained very much in the script as well. The main event that happens in the beginning if missed will confuse you throughout the movie.

Must say Varun Dhawan has grown as an actor & Nawazuddin is the new best villain nomination category for sure. His acting is just so real and outstanding and Varun has tried to complement the same successfully to some extent.

This movie portrays how their lives change post an event and what it makes them to after 15 years. Every scene is very realistic and no heavy dialogues as such which are expected in such Hero villain revenge stories.

The highlight would be Nawazuddin acting and every faceoff between him and Varun Dhawan.

Also a new style of direction is commendable if you are tired of regular revenge masala movies. Music is pretty good as well with Jee Karda and Jeena Jeena.

The only problem with this movie is extreme violence and adult scenes which are not for the weak hearted or family audience.

For movie lovers go watch it for a different experience, not everyone will like it though but a recommended one to see some matured cinema.

Verdict – 3* on 5

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