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The ‘untouched’ portion of Gender Inequality… A take on the Hidden Gender of India on this women’s day!!

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Celebrating Womanhood! Today was a beautiful morning with the world celebrating Women’s day! I checked my mobile phone and got a promotional message from a mall celebrating the day with performances, guidance on women safety and of course some heavy discounts… The front page of a leading newspaper

Marriageable age norms & the pressures on Indian youth! A brief on all that you go through & sacrifice to please the society…

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Dad: It’s time for you to get married… Mom: At your age, I had two kids… Relatives: Have you started searching? You know time is running out right! Got the feeling of Deja Vu? Of course you did if you are a young unmarried Indian boy or girl. Being a 27-year-old bachelor myself, I have…